New Hyundai Verna Review - Vernacooler!


How does it look?

Better than the existing Verna Transform, that’s for certain. The new Verna is quite a good looking car, with a coupe-like stance in profile – it carries on the design language of the i20 and new i10. There might be a few too many slashes and lines for some, but there’s no doubt that it stands out from the crowd.

What’s it like on the inside?

Better than the Honda City, that’s for certain as well. There’s a generous amount of head and leg room, the arm rests in the doors are designed to take the shape of your arm, the materials used are high quality, fit and finish is excellent and it’s a pleasant place to be.


Yes, but how is that different from the competition?

Well, it isn’t radically different, but the India-spec car will get some exclusive features like a centre arm rest at the back, a Bluetooth equipped stereo system and a reversing camera built into the rear view mirror. And we like our gadgets in India, don’t we?

How does it go?

It should go rather nicely, given the engine options that are coming to India. We’ll get two petrols – a 1.6-litre, 122 bhp unit and a 1.4-litre 106 bhp unit – and two diesels: a 1.6-litre, 128 bhp, 26.5 kgm unit and a 1.4-litre, 90 bhp, 22.5 kgm unit.


Is it comfortable?

In a word, yes. It rides well, although not as well as a VW Vento, and it should make most back seat passengers happy.

Is it fun?

Not as much fun as the Honda City, the car it aims to topple from its position. If it’s thrills you’re looking at, look elsewhere.


When will it be here?

Hyundai say that they’ll launch it some time in June.

What’ll the damages be?

Prices haven’t been announced, but Hyundai’s very gung ho about this car, and they’ll go all out to price it aggressively. Expect ballpark figures (ex-showroom) of Rs 8 lakh for the petrol version and Rs 9 lakh for the diesel