New hatch batch

Confused with the sudden invasion of numerous new hatchbacks into the market? Here's are all the news and reviews of the latest ones for you to pick and choose correctly.


Fiat launches a new , more powerful variant of its gorgeous Punto hatch -

Fiat launches Punto 90 HP

The newest hatch in town!

Nissan Micra review - March of the Micra

All about the Nissan Micra's competitive pricing -

Nissan announces Micra pricing   Our special 3-way comparo between some of the best and the newest hatches in the market



  Ford Figo VS VW Polo VS Fiat Punto - Euro Trio

VW Polo review -

Volkswagen Polo - Polo dance


 Ford's newest entry into the market with a killer price tag...VFM all the way!

Hi-Figo!   And if you need to make a choice between the Polo and the Figo, here's some help


Volkswagen Polo vs Ford Figo

Chevrolet's funky Beat vs the new-age Maruti Suzuki Ritz. Who wins?

Chevrolet Beat vs Maruti Ritz - Small Change   Our comprehensive guide helps you decide the right small Maruti Suzuki for you


Which small Maruti should you buy?

Our quick and easy Quick Camparo section should help you think clearer and better

  Chevrolet Beat vs Hyundai i10 - QUICK COMPARISION


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