Narain Karthikeyan tries his hand at RC racing

For India's ace F-1 driver Narain Karthikeyan, it was a different kind of race, but he managed to master the art of 'driving' radio-controlled cars.

Karthikeyan participated in the two-day radio-controlled car competition organised by the Coimbatore Radio Controllers Association and the Kovai Modellers Club.

"I have never had my hands on a RC car before, but I must say this sport gives a lot of insight to budding engineers," said Narain. "After watching it for a few minutes, I can say it is not going to be easy. One needs lots of practice."

The ace F-1 driver admitted that handling an RC car was tough. "It is so sensitive," he noted. "The sensitivity and the agility are so different than the other cars. But, I will to stick to my car."

Another rally driver who was present in Coimbatore was Arjun Balu, who also admitted that RC racing was quite different from actual car racing. "This form of sport has got all the mechanicals in place," he said. "They are fast and precise as well but there is no regular racing."

RC racing is catching on rapidly in south India, especially cities such as Coimbatore, Chennai and Hyderabad where tracks are being laid. This form of racing is extremely popular in China, Japan and Malaysia.