Nano passes European crash tests!


The Nano can now hold its head high in the international arena. The small  car passed the 40 per cent offset crash test at 56 kph and the side-impact tests at the MIRA crash test facility recently.

The Nano that was put under tests was the same as the car sold in India and not the Europa that is to be sold in Europe, come 2012. Some changes were made to the test vehicle, such as the addition of a driver airbag as well as strengthened the front longitudinal structure, while adding another structure behind the bumper. All of this increased the weight of the vehicle by 18 kg.

While Tata's small car has already passed the Indian norms which are the frontal impact test at 48 kph, roof crush and side door impact tests, these are slightly different from European norms that are more stringent. Tata Motors didn't necessarily need to meet European norms at this point in time, but decided to do so anyway. By doing so, Tata Motors can keep its international critics at bay, who have long suspected the Nano's crash worthiness. It also gives Tata Motors data on improvements, if any, it needs to make on the Europa that is some three years away.

Tata Motors is aiming to achieve a four-star rating for the Nano Europa in the Euro NCAP tests.