Motorcycle Mania - Vyrus in India!


Now this is a bug you won't mind being infected with! Vyrus Motorcycles, famous for their association with Bimota to develop the Tesi bike, is based out of Italy. They produce extremely low numbers of two models, namely the 984 and the 985. Both these motorcycles are powered by Ducati engines and the cycle parts constitute the best money can buy. Not surprisingly, the performance is spectacular and the prices, well, lets just say that they are for the well heeled motorcyclist.

And motorcycles, although most of them being two-wheeled, have various genres within them. Just as Vyrus caters to the sporting millionaire, Hollister Motorcycles is a company in Germany that builds custom-looking bikes around the venerable V-twin torque laden motorcycle. Chrome, billet, raked out front ends, fat and chunky rear ends - they have it all and source parts from the best in the business.

Both these brands will soon be available in India, courtesy InterGlobe Enterprises. Prices for the Vyrus range of bikes start at  about 22 lakh rupees, excluding applicable duties.