More Ferraris!




The FF is the first ever four-wheel drive Ferrari. When it was launched, it created a huge uproar amongst Ferrari enthusiasts for breaking away from tradition and switching to four-wheel drive — a feature used largely by rival Porsche. But it all makes sense now. The FF isn’t an off-roader, but can give you F1 car thrills on snow, sand and in the wet. It is a Ferrari in every aspect (except, perhaps the looks) in that it has a stonking 6262cc, V12 engine, eyes from the 458 Italia and the continent-crossing ability of a long-range missile. Which is what it is.

Price: Rs 3.41 crore


The 599 GTB is undoubtedly a modern-day classic Ferrari. Ferrari’s GT lineage shines through in the way the 599 looks. GTB denotes Gran Turismo Berlinetta, a name used on some of the finest Ferraris of yore. And what is ‘599’ then? Well, it is simply the engine capacity of the 599 (5998cc) divided by 10. How quick is it from standstill to 100 kmph? 3.7 seconds. How fast is it? 330 kmph fast! What does it take to have one of these parked in your driveway? Look below.

Price: Rs 3.3 crore



If you are a fan of ‘wind in the hair’ driving, look no further than the California. It is a dyed in the wool Ferrari, like every other Ferrari you may say. Which means it is fast, very fast and, as a bonus, can lose its top (or head, whichever suits your sensibilities) in no time. Under that scooped-out hood is a 4297cc V8 which is rather versatile in nature. We haven't driven one yet, but we like the sound of a scarlet drop-top Ferrari with a V8. Sounds familiar?

Price: Rs 2.24 crore