M&M begins testing 4-door fully electric car

There is good news for eco-friendly car enthusiasts as well as city governments sweating over growing pollution. Mahindra & Mahindra has begun testing a four-door version of its stunning electric car, the e2o.

A camouflaged four-door car that looked suspiciously like a longer version of the e2o was spotted being tested on the Bangalore-Hosur highway. The test car had vertical tail-lights as against the wraparounds in the two-door version. It also appeared to have a more practical tailgate design and a longer wheelbase, which would mean more cabin space.

The e2o, as you know, is a two-door, four-seat, all-electric city car made and produced by the Reva Electric Car Company, part of the M&M Group. The car did not, however, do too well in the domestic market despite its good looks and fair reviews. One reason was that Indians prefer their cars to have four doors, unless it’s a Ferrari you are talking about. (Another reason was, and remains, the power shortage in most parts of the country, and the resultant hesitation of potential customers to go for a car that needs to be charged overnight.)

Apart from the wheelbase, most other proportions of the test car remained the same as those of the e2o, indicating that it may share many of its components with the two-door version. But earlier reports have suggested that M&M is working on updated mechanical components and a battery which would offer greater range.

The e2o has a 25.47 bhp motor that can run for 120 km on full charge. The car has a top speed of 81 kph, but the battery gets discharged quicker as you drive faster, reducing the range.

The company sees export potential for the newer version. Executive director Pawan Goenka had said last month that the four-door electric car could be exported to European markets.