Mitsubishi Evo X (ten) prices for India!


Mitsubishi Motors has just announced the price for their Evo X (read ten). It will come to you at a price of Rs. 49.95 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi.

What we have here for the Indian market is the FQ300 model, which has a 2,000 cc turbo-charged four-cylinder engine which produces 280 bhp @ 6500 rpm.

Check out the Mitsubishi EVO in action here in this video:

The EVO X uses a titanium turbine wheel in the turbocharger to boost response

The 6-speed TC-SST is effectively two three-speed gearboxes mounted on the same output shaft and with two clutches, one which engages the gear in use, the other which pre-selects the next gear required.

Aluminium is used extensively in the construction of the Lancer Evolution X, with the roof, bonnet, front wings and front and rear bumper beams being made from this ultra-light material.

Active Yaw Control (AYC), unique amongst road-going cars, utilises an electronically controlled rear differential to take information about longitudinal and lateral acceleration, steering angle and wheel speed and apportions torque between the rear wheels according to need.

AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System) provides additional lighting to illuminate your direction of travel during cornering manoeuvres - activation is dependent upon steering angle and vehicle speed, not operating above 62 mph

From the moment Mitsubishi entered racing in 1960 with the Mitsubishi 500 a two cylinder 493cc engine, the standard was set, it claimed first, second, third and fourth in the 1962 Macau Grand Prix.

Sales of Evolution III created Evo-mania - the first production run of Evolution IV, 6000 cars, sold out in three days!