Mercedes targets 5000 sales this year


"We have already sold 4,221 cars till September and crossing the 5,000-mark this year is not impossible," Mercedes India Director (sales) Debabhis Mitra said here today, while launching pre-owned car business brand 'proven exclusivity' in Kolkata.

The company sold 3,200 cars in 2009, 400 less than it sold in 2008, he said. The demand for cars has seen a jump of around 80 per cent reflecting a buoyancy in the luxury-car market.

He said that the number of luxury car brands sold during the year might be 13,000.

Speaking about the pre-owned car business, he said the company had sold some 400 cars in the four cities where the pre-owned car business was launched in May.

"We expect to do a business of 500 cars from the pre-owned cars segment. Second hand car business would account for close to 10 per cent of the new car business, but it may increase to 15 per cent in the next one to two years," Mitra said.

The dealers will not entertain Mercedes cars above six years of age or 60,000 miles of run for trading through proven exclusivity route.

When asked who will replace the outgoing Managing Director and CEO Wilfried Aulbur, Mitra said it is yet to be announced.