Mercedes-Benz to introduce S-Class at 2014 Delhi Motor Show


Mercedes-Benz has been going strong with its marketing plan and aggressive product strategy for the last couple of years. This has moved them up in sales and the company continues to grow strong every quarter. This year the company introduced 5-6 products in the Indian market and next year will be strong too.

The Stuttgart-based manufacturer will get the CLA-Class and even the newly launched S-Class. The S-Class might not get volume sales, but this new flagship from the company is just phenomenal when it comes to sheer engineering and a pure technology marvel. The S-Class might just be the most comfortable Mercedes-Benz ever built. The Stuttgart-based manufacturer will showcase the S-Class at the upcoming Delhi Motor Show in February 2014.

In the coming years, the GLA will also make its way into India, however that will be after its global launch. Mercedes-Benz will also introduce more variants for the E-Class with the V6 engines and E-Cabriolet and E-Coupe will also make its way through. Mercedes-Benz already has the highest number of touch points in the luxury car market and we can see a further expansion of dealerships in Tier II cities as well. The M-Class, GL-Class and the E-Class have a long waiting period on it and we can expect the production to double to 20,000 units a year very soon.