Mercedes-Benz reclaims top spot in the Indian luxury car segment

Mercedes-Benz, which reported sales of 13,502 units in India in 2015, has reclaimed the top spot in the luxury car segment, toppling Audi, which reported sales of 11,192 units during the year.

Audi reported a three per cent increase in sales in 2015 over the 2014 figures, but its rival Mercedes-Benz saw sales zoom by 32 per cent, ensuring its return as the number one luxury car brand in India.

In 2013 and 2014, Audi topped the luxury car segment in the country, followed by Mercedes-Benz and BMW. In 2015, however, Mercedes-Benz went in for a series of launches of new models in the compact space (A, B, GLA and CLA class vehicles).

While Audi introduced 10 models in India in 2015, Mercedes-Benz introduced 15 models.