Mercedes-Benz launches Performance Drive programme in India


Mercedes-Benz India is looking at more activities and experiences to enhance its presence in India and probably improve marketshare and market position in the process. The Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive is a new brand of events created by the firm to provide motoring enthusiasts the opportunity to hone their skills through progressive certified steps.

The Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive will now be the parent brand for all experiences that the company offers. There are six different driving experiences offered now:

1. Young Star Driver Program: In a joint program with FMSCI, M-B India is looking to nurture drivers in the age group of 15 to 25 years who could be potential DTM or F1 stars from India. 50 drivers are shortlisted 12 drivers will be selected after a screening process. Of these, three would be selected for a three-stage training in Germany, the final stage being a masters SLS AMG GT3 program at Nurburgring.

2. Star Off-Road Experience: Owners and customers of M-B India as well as prospective clients can experience the off-road capabilities of M-B India SUVs at a new dedicated test-track created at the plant at Chakan in Pune. The program is worth Rs. 12,000 per person and includes a plant visit.

3. Track Day experience: M-B India already conducts the AMG drive experience at the Buddh Circuit and now includes Corporate Experience as part of the program.

4. International Driving Experiences: From driving G-wagens at Austria Graz (by invitation) to ice driving experiences in Sweden (INR 3.1 lakh) and a 47 day India to Poland drive in G-Class' for Rs 19 lakh per person.

5. AMG Driving Academy: A more advanced driving program that allows you to go beyond regular Mercs and on to more advanced AMG cars, honing your skills with AMG instructors on hand.

6. Star Drive Experience: M-B's very successful programme will continue to go from strength to strength.