Mazda Miata gets a platform mate


It's no secret that Mazda isn't doing all that well. They make sportier cars than the rest of the auto makers, but that means that they don't have enough mass appeal to bring them out of years of losses. One of the only ways out, that Mazda sees, is to partner up with a larger firm in a technology sharing agreement of sorts.

Mazda is happy to announce just such an arrangement with Italy's Fiat group. The agreement officially signed between them sees the two firms making different cars out of the next gen Miata roadster platform, with it possibly extending to the other models as well in the future.

The car, which will be based on the next generation of the Miata platform, dubbed the ND, will be built in Japan at Mazda's factory and will then be shipped to europe where it will get its powertrain from Fiat. The underpinnings will be shared, but there's no news on what the bodies will look like. Other details are scarce, but the Miata's solid underpinnings and some Italian flair mean that the result should surely be lust-worthy.

Well, here's to the return of the Alfa Spider!