Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza beats Ford EcoSport's sales in March

Maruti Suzuki's first compact SUV 'Vitara  Brezza' has created quite a buzz in the Indian car market by selling 1,107 units in its first month of sales in March, compared to its prime competitor the Ford EcoSport.

Maruti Vitara Brezza had garnered 2,600 orders within 24 hours of its launch, and the number went to over 40,000 nearly a month later. 

Maruti Suzuki sold 5,563 units of the Vitara Brezza in March, while Ford sold 4,456 units of the EcoSport. This is despite the fact that Ford slashed the EcoSport's price only days after the Maruti Brezza's launch. 

Maruti Brezza's list of direct rivals also includes the Mahindra TUV300 and the Mahindra NuvoSport. Mahindra sold 2,614 units of the relatively older TUV300 last month, and 1,298 units of the NuvoSport.

Meanwhile, soon after Maruti Suzuki announced the price of its first compact SUV Vitara Brezza at a competitive Rs. 6.99 lakh, Ford Motors cut the price of EcoSport by up to Rs. 1.12 lakh. The trick seems to have worked with sales of EcoSport jumping nearly 70 percent month on month; in February, Ford EcoSport sold only 2,638 units whereas in March the SUV's sales spiked to 4,465 units. However, Maruti Suzuki sold 5,563 units of Vitara Brezza in March. 

While Ford EcoSport prices start at Rs. 6.68 lakh for the petrol variant and Rs. 7.28 lakh for the diesel variant, Vitara Brezza, which is only available in diesel, starts at Rs 6.99 lakh.