Maruti Suzuki SX4 vs Honda City - Rising sons

The Suzuki looks larger than life and is a capable sedan indeed. It has a new-age, powerful engine and it is fun to drive. Getting in and out of the car is easy too thanks to near SUV dimensions! Visibility around corners is an issue though. The Honda City, on the other hand, remains the leader of the C-segment pack. The new version is sophisticated to look at, refined to drive and features i-VTEC engines across the board. Honda is also offering airbags and ABS in the top-end models – brilliant. Look, there is nothing much that the SX4 cannot do that the City can – but it is the manner in which the Honda goes about doing it that wins the game here. There was a time when Honda made excellent engines and fitted them to neutral, bland cars – but not any more. The new City is a capable car that can be driven peacefully as well as aggressively and at the end of the day it will assure 14 kpl. Again, the SX4 is a great effort from Maruti Suzuki and hence should be considered for its virtues (big car look, large boot, space and a new engine). But if you have the option of spending a little bit more, we would urge you to go for the new City. Our choice? Honda City.