Maruti Suzuki A-Star vs Hyundai i10


So you want to decide between the global small car of Suzuki and the new benchmark in small cars anywhere in the world? Seriously, the Hyundai i10 has changed the game the way no other small car has, and the funky little A-Star needs to try very hard to be a contender. The i10 is very well put together and comes with two engine options – while the Santro powered (1.1-litre engine) base version is a very capable car and hence a compelling buy, the Kappa engine redefines performance and economy for a 1.2-litre car. Ride quality is brilliant too. The A-Star looks ‘younger’ and the all-new three-cylinder 1000cc engine does the job in city limits. While both cars can seat four in comfort, it is the i10 that makes the rear seat passengers feel less claustrophobic. If we were shopping for an all rounder, then the i10 would get the nod. But if you are shopping for a second car for wife and children to use, then the A-Star makes the grade. Our choice? Hyundai i10.