Maruti advances bi-annual maintenance closure of its plants

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd on Thursday announced that it has advanced the regular bi-annual maintenance closure of its plants, earlier scheduled for later in the month, to June 6 to 11, with the cooperation of all its employees.

“This will enable the closure period to be utilised for arranging supply of components, both from Subros Ltd as well as from other sources, and result in higher production volumes after the closure,” said the company.

Manufacture of cars, to the extent of component availability, is continuing at the Gurgaon plant from the second half of Wednesday.

India’s largest carmaker had to temporarily suspend manufacture of cars at its facilities in Manesar and Gurgaon in Haryana starting from the second half of Monday, following disruption of supplies of components from Subros. A fire had broken out at the Manesar plant of the auto component supplier, leading to disruption in supplies.

Maruti Suzuki resumed manufacture of vehicles at its Gurgaon facilities from the second half on Wednesday. Some operations at the Manesar campus, including casting and manufacture of transmissions, also resumed on the same day.

The company said it was working jointly with Subros on options to obtain supply of components (mainly air-conditioners) from other facilities and gradually bring operations back to normal.