Maruti 800 vs Maruti Suzuki Alto - Tiny titans tussle


The car that put India on wheels has over time made way for the Alto in terms of sales. It’s another thing that both of them coexist in India, as the Alto should have replaced the 800. The 800 has now worked its way into history books and should ideally stay there, as the Alto is a better, contemporary and safer car. Though both share the same buzzy and effervescent 3-pot motor that has an incredible ability to stretch a litre of the unleaded, it’s the Alto which is overall the better car. It’s bigger, more comfortable, better looking and has more passive safety. Besides it’s reasonably priced too and is excellent value for money. If you are looking for a basic car or one that will function as your first set of wheels, the Alto is your bet. Our choice? The Alto.