Maini launches the Tomcar military ATVs in India


At the on-going DEFEXPO 2012 in New Delhi, the Maini group, the folks behind the Reva electric car, have announced the launch of the Tomcar ATVs in India. This announcement followed Reva’s majority stake buyout of that Israeli firm.

Tomcars are reputed to be incredibly tough all-terrain vehicles and are perfectly suited for the Indian Armed forces requirement for a capable modern all-terrain vehicle. The Tomcar can be deployed in the field as a patrol vehicle, an air-borne special ops vehicle, a recon platform as well as for transportation duties. The Tomcar is specifically designed to fit into a helicopter to be dropped into hostile territory.

Built keeping in mind easy operability and the lack of spares or tools in remote areas, the Tomcar is cleverly designed so that it can be fixed easily – if only temporarily – in the battlefield. Equipped with heavy-duty independent suspension on all four wheels, the Tomcar offers two powertrain options – a 4-cyl 1-litre petrol engine or a 1.4 diesel engine, both coupled to a CVT automatic transmission.

Safety is compromised either, with four-point harnesses, fully welded tubular space frames and a bash plate made of aircraft grade aluminium. And they’ll put a machine gun or a grenade launcher on top of the ATV for military/police applications. Currently, the Tomcar is in active duty with the British Army, the US Border Patrol and the Israeli defence forces as well.