Mahindra TUV300: All about power

Mahindra TUV 300

  There's a correction in this article, which has been mentioned at the end of this story.

A handful of extra horses have now made their way into the new TUV300 from Mahindra & Mahindra. When Mahindra introduced the TUV300 in the Indian market last year, it came with Mahindra's mHawk 80 diesel mill that churned out approximately 84bhp. But after receiving feedback that the vehicle felt underpowered and lacked a punch, Mahindra decided to offer the TUV300 with a more powerful variant. And when you add more power to an engine, it also means you have to tweak the suspension and the brakes.

The engine is now the mHawk 100 that delivers 100bhp at 3750rpm and 240Nm of torque from 1600-2800rpm. The power comes in the mid-range of the band and the low-end torque is more than adequate to propel this massive vehicle to road worthy speeds. The TUV300 can now reach a top speed of approximately 153 kmph and can go from 0-100kmph in around 14 seconds.

The power delivery in this new engine is very linear and one can feel a slight punch when the turbo kicks in. The flow of power is also smooth and you can rev the engine all the way up to 5,000rpm. The shifts are smooth and crisp but the gear throws are a bit long. In short, this means highway driving is okay but in thick city traffic, downshifting will be plenty.

Riding over smaller potholes and broken roads is not too much of a hassle for the TUV but one can get tossed around a bit through bigger bumps. The TUV 300 also comes with dual driving modes, Power and Eco modes.

Mahindra TUV 300 - 100 HP
Engine: 1493cc, mHawk 100, Diesel
Torque:  240Nm@1600-2600rpm
Power: 100bhp@3750rpm
Suspension: 5-Speed Manual
Price: Rs 9 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) 


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Correction: An earlier version of this report inadvertently carried incorrect specifications of the Mahindra TUV 300. The error is regretted