Mahindra Rodeo vs Suzuki Access



Mahindra 2 wheelers has launched the Rodeo in the 125 scooter segment that has been largely dominated by the Suzuki Access. The Access looks dated while the Rodeo looks more current. Plastics on the Access are better finished while the Rodeo lacks a bit in this aspect. The Access is better built than the Rodeo. Conventionality rules supreme when it comes the Access's instrument cluster while the Rodeo gets a new-age all-digital console that includes a nifty tachometer in addition to the speedo, in addition to other things. Although the motor powering the Rodeo is no puny wimp, the engine grunt of the Access is still the best in the 125cc scooter segment, but now, not by much with the Mahindra coming a very, very close second. The Access has that big scooter feel that the Rodeo does not. Gizmos and features of convenience like a mobile charger and the front fuel filler cap respectively are in plenty on the Rodeo while the Access has none of that. Underseat storage space is abundant in both scooters. Handling of the Access feels more planted while the Rodeo, benefitting from being 3 kg lighter at 106 kg, is feels more agile when throwing it about.