Mahindra Launches MiniSMART App


Mahindra has launched an Android app, known as MiniSMART, where SMART stands for System Monitoring And Reporting Tool. Aiming to help the supervisors at its workshops, the app enables cloud-based solutions to the officials present at the time of vehicle testing. The launch of app marks a paradigm shift for Mahindra as till now it was using laptops and other wired interfaces for testing purposes. Now with this launch, the carmaker will be using phones and wireless technology to accomplish the same. This surely is going to make the process easier for the people conducting it. Portability of smartphones is another benefit which will ensure that the testing will be done in lesser time.

Apart from this, the shift to new process will also save a decent amount of money which the automaker had to invest in laptops and wired apparatus. MiniSMART app gets Bluetooth which keeps it free from long wires. 

Srinivas Aravapalli, M&M Head (Vehicle Systems) and Principal Chief Engineer said, "MiniSMART will empower Mahindra's vehicle technicians to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot faults in various complex vehicle systems, thereby resulting in faster turnaround time of Mahindra vehicles at its workshops." 

Recently, Honda also introduced an app as “Honda Connect” which provides detailed information about Honda vehicles and other services.

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Source : CarDekho