Mahindra e2o Prices Slashed Considerably

Following the Indian government’s move to subsidise electric vehicles across the country, Mahindra has significantly reduced the prices of all electric e2o. India’s only electric car e2o previously known as REVA, is our only hope as of now that could lead our country’s electric cars dream further.

Speaking of the prices, the detailed list is shown below in two parts as one carries the ‘e2o care protection plan’ while the other is without the plan. And the first option could be better to opt for as with the protection plan, one would have to pay a sum of Rs. 2999 each month and will be assured that battery gets serviced on time leading to a better performing car. Also, the ownership of the battery will remain with Mahindra, freeing you from the hassle of getting it right on service intervals. Similarly, if the buyers doesn't want that option then they can pay the full price as mentioned in last table.

(1)Mahindra e2o with ‘e2o care protection plan’ With e2o care protection plan Post Subsidy Fee per month Ex showroom T2 T20 New Delhi 5,92,649 6,43,138 2999 Mumbai 4,99,000 5,38,912 2999 Pune 4,99,000 5,38,912 2999 Thane 4,99,000 5,38,912 2999 Bangalore 4,79,000 5,24,329 2999 Kolkata 4,99,000 5,38,912 2999

(2) Mahindra e2o without ‘e2o care protection plan’ Without e2o care protection plan Post Subsidy Ex showroom T2 T20 New Delhi 7,51,800 7,90,523 Mumbai 6,76,667 7,12,808 Pune 6,76,667 7,12,808 Thane 6,76,667 7,12,808 Bangalore 6,54,279 6,89,880 Kolkata 6,76,667 7,12,808