Mahindra e2o launched!


If being an eco-warrior was your thing in the early 2000s, and you wanted to show that by driving around in an electric car, the Maini Reva was your only option.

Now, the Mahindras have taken that brand over and given the Reva a complete revamp. Called the e2o, the new all-electric car comes with a 25.4 bhp electric motor which also makes 5.34 kgm of torque from a standstill.

Unlike the earlier Reva, it now comes with three crumple zones and has a tubular frame chassis underpinning it, which meet european crash norms, so you'll be covered in case of an accident.

It has a total range of 100km on a full charge and takes about 5 hours to charge from a normal 220V socket.

Worried about the range of the car? It also comes with regenerative braking which will charge the batteries as you brake, and even an optional solar panel on the roof to recharge it when parked in the sun.

If you're still close to running out of battery after all that, there's a REVive system which activates reserve energy in case of emergencies.

Apart from that, it even comes with a 5.2-inch touchscreen system with GPS navigation and the ability to control the AC and locks with your smartphone.

So, then, the new Mahindra e2o can be yours for a price of Rs 5.96 Lakh, on-road Delhi, which is inclusive of the Delhi government's subsidy on electric cars, so if you're conscious about the environment, this is the one to go for.