LML makes an appearance at EICMA


Among all the smaller engined bigger bikes and bigger engined smaller bikes, tucked away in in their site, there was a pleasant surprise at EICMA.

The LML that we've all known (and probably also learnt to ride on) makes a special appearance here. The LML Star 125 Automatic, as it's called, is a four-stroke powered automatic scooter. You can have all the good looks of the Vespa without the hassle (or joy) of having to shift your own gears.

Hand operated controls, much like the Activa or the other gearless scooters and the peace of mind of a reliable 125cc engine means that this will be quite the hit. Sadly, it's not headed to our shores.

Not many other details are known at the moment, but we do know that it will be priced in europe at a price of 2510 Euro (About Rs 1.74 Lakh). We're definitely envious of the scooter, but certainly not of its price!