LAUNCHED! Royal Enfield Classic Chrome & Desert Storm


Royal Enfield has launched two cosmetic upgrades to its Classic 500. The Classic Chrome, as the name suggest comes with plenty of chrome on the motorcycle and is priced at Rs 1.64 lakh, on road, Mumbai. The Desert Storm has a sandy hue and comes priced at Rs 1.58 lakh, on road, Mumbai.


While these two motorcycles sport only cosmetic changes, this is the thought process behind their styling. We've cabbaged it off the Royal Enfield website:

The Royal Enfield Classic Chrome is based on the Classic 500 with a rather generous dose of chrome on it. Like the Classic 500, the new Classic Chrome retains the quintessential classic British styling of the 1950s: simple, harmonious, well proportioned. The Chrome sports a seat with a leather finish and adds to the visual appeal of the motorcycle. Built of old-fashioned metal, in clean elegant lines of Chrome combined with a rich paint finish the design of the Royal Enfield Classic Chrome is a tribute to the retro look of post war British motorcycles.

The Classic Desert Storm comes to you with a “sand” paint scheme reminiscent of the war era, a time when Royal Enfield motorcycles proved their capabilities and battle worthiness by impeccable service to soldiers in harsh conditions of the desert. Donning a younger today resplendent with styling cues one would expect only from a genuine Royal Enfield: single cylinder air-cooled pushrod engine, 1950s style nacelle and toolboxes, traditional paint scheme and buffed engine components, this motorcycle is all set to bring you the pleasures of modern motorcycling while reflecting the aura of eternal classic styling.