Latest addition to the family



Not too long ago, Kartik asked me to find him a motorcycle project - a Yezdi in derelict condition. I put the word out and not too long after, I got a call. I checked the bike out but it was too derelict for Kartik to fall in love with it.

In front of me stood this unloved heap of rusting metal, standing dead in the guy's building compound for more monsoons than for its own good. The owner, a true enthusiast himself, had bought the bike as a project for himself but never got about to getting it up and running. And he didn't want the motorcycle to wither away into the ground; he'd rather sell it off to someone who will resurrect the machine and bring it back to where its maker intended - the road.  

A short chat later, I walked away with the registration papers, smiling widely with the thought that I had just added another motorcycle into my garage. I don't really know when I'll come about to working on it myself, but I know what I want this motorcycle to be - my interpretation of a nice clean flat tracker that Yezdi could have built but never did. Wait and watch, then!