Last Land Rover Defender Rolls Out

Jaguar Land Rover had officially announced three years ago in 2013, that it will stop production of  Defender at its car plant in Solihull (central England). Now the last unit of car has come out of its production plant and consumers can no longer own a first-hand Defender. Although, the car maker has stated that they are working on a replacement model for the same.

Land Rover Defender Layout

This tough decision came at a time when Land Rover was finding it arduous to keep up with emission and safety standards. Also the car was not selling in large numbers which made it further difficult for Land Rover to maintain the standards. "They want safer vehicles, they want vehicles with air bags, they want vehicles with lower fuel emissions. This vehicle's for farmers," said Patrick Cruywagen, deputy editor of Land Rover Monthly magazine, to a news network elaborating on the decision. Though, the fans of this legendary 4x4 need not get distressed, as 70 percent of Land Rovers are still on road. This signifies that they can still own a second-hand Defender.

Land Rover Defender

"With some 70% of Land Rovers ever built still around we will still be able to cuddle them and see them on the road. And while we can shed a tear, there are still lots and lots of Land Rovers," said Quentin Willson, a renowned automobile journalist.

Jaguar has made over 2 million Defenders since its launch in 1948. The vehicle gets its popularity from Hollywood movies like ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’, where it was featured prominently. Apart from this, the car was also used by The Queen when she came to the throne in 1952 for driving on private roads around estates.

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Source : CarDekho