Land Rover to Debut their Armoured SUV - the Sentinel, on 15th September


Tata owned Land Rover have introduced their first luxury armoured vehicle, christened - the Sentinel. Engineered entirely under the watchful eyes of the SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) team, the Sentinel SUV can remain totally unfazed in life and death situations. From the usual bullet proofing against small arms fire, to grenades detonated under the car and lobbed over it - the Sentinel will bring its occupants through unscathed.


The movers and shakers of the world get to travel in peace, safely ensconced in the lap of luxury through the most difficult conditions as all hell breaks loose around them. The SUV gets run-flat capabilities, which when combined with the highly capable four-wheel drive system can get the occupants through any terrain, even on deflated tires. There's no dearth of power either, with a 3.0 Litre supercharged V6 petrol engine with a power output of 330 Bhp+ and mated to an eight-speed auto-tranny nestling under the hood.


Customers can fully customize the safety kit on board. From full fire-suppression system to configurable sirens; ESL or Emergency Service Lights and even a hi-fidelity PA system to address people on the outside - the car can be equipped with virtually endless combinations of safety systems.


The company has already begun taking orders for this high-tech, fortress on wheels ahead of its global debut in London around the middle of September.


Source : MotorOctane