Lamborghini Reventon roadster - Reventon makes a comeback!


Lamborghini has defined the exit plan for its supercar - the Murcielago. Earlier this year, it brought the LP650-4 roadster. Then it followed it up with the mad, bad and stupendously quick SV. But it seems it won't end there.

Lamborghini's last hurrah, will actually be the Reventon roadster. Roadster? Yes, the limited edition coupe that was launched in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show will stage a comeback at Frankfurt next week, except that it will lose its roof.

The Reventon roadster will use all the elements from the coupe - which includes the F-22 Raptor inspired edgy styling, carbon fibre shell, alcantara leather and lots of carbon fibre trim on the dashboard.

Power will come via a 6.5-litre V12 that also powers the Murcielago and other variants – the Reventon coupe included. Rated at 641 bhp and 67 kgm of peak torque, the Reventon can accelerate from 0-100 kph in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed in excess of 320 kph. 

Production is limited to just 20 units, just like the coupe. The price however is a stratospheric £ 1 million. But for a car that's more exclusive than a regular Bugatti Veyron, it surely seems worth the money.