Lamborghini opens new Research Centre


It's located in Emiliana and it's Lamborghini's centre for advanced prototyping and assembly study. Sounds rather boring,but that's where your next Sesto Elemento is coming from, so better get used to it.

As a sign of Lambo's green energy ambitions, the multi-story structure is the first building in Italy to get a Class A environmental rating. This is achieved through features like polycarbonate walls, ceramic cladding and a photovoltaic system that provides all of the building's electricity needs. The company says that they will be implementing the zero-CO2 concept allowed by the solar energy system on all their future structures.

What's on the inside? Well, super people designing Lambo's next generation of supercars. And they'll be building them on the 2nd floor. The top most floor has a mini assembly line where small run concepts like the Sesto Elemento can be manufactured.

The building itself looks rather good, and we can't wait to see the cars that they'll be rolling out of it.