Lamborghini is not just a car brand; it’s a religion


It’s the stuff of legend: half a century ago, the head honcho of a successful tractor maker based in Italy was as upset with the reliability of his Ferrari as he was with his resulting dealings with Enzo Ferrari. Like other game changers throughout history, he was convinced that he could do better than the best, so he started building supercars that would go down in history as some of the fiercest, most untamable yet ultimately gratifying driving machines. It started out because Mr Lamborghini wanted to flip Enzo the bird but in the process, it became so much more. Because of icons like the gorgeous Miura, the unhinged Diablo, the bloodthirsty Murcielago and the fabled Countach pictured here, we cannot imagine a world without these man-eaters. Lamborghini is not just a mere car brand; it’s a religion, and we’re devout followers.


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