Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 - Aventador Rising!


This is it! The latest addition to our family is here! The all-new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 has broken cover at the Geneva Motor Show and we cannot hold back our tears of joy. For the last few weeks, we’ve wondered how the newest raging bull will look, and after looking at the photos, we have to admit that Lamborghini has outdone themselves with this one - just look at that shape!

The traditional wedge-profile continues, but with more msucle and attitude than ever; you can see the 700 horsepower, produced by that soulful V12, straining to break through the Aventador’s physical self. Impossibly rakish and taut, one look at this supercar is good enough to make people want to empty their bank accounts. Menacing yet classy. 

What’s more, that all-new V12 is lighter, more powerful and more efficient than the Murciélago’s. And when you consider that the Aventador weighs 200 kg less than the older bull, you have a recipe for explosive performance. Lamborghini says the Aventador will hit 100 kph in 2.9 seconds, and apparently, the stated top speed of 350 kph has already been exceeded in testing! And that all-new patented ISR gearbox weighs half as much as the outgoing E-gear thingie on the Murcie, while shifting at 50 milliseconds in Corsa mode, the fastest shifting mode from three on offer. We might be hallucinating here, but we can almost hear that V12 bellowing its war cry and see the living, breathing Aventador throbbing as it stands in the studio. 

Where we can’t wait to see the Aventador is out on the road. ‘Pushrod suspension’ might have the ‘ye old’ sound to it, but rest assured, it comes straight from the high-tech land of Formula 1.

The Aventador also gets permanent four-wheel drive with a greater bias towards the 20-inch 335/30 rear Pirelli P Zero than the 19-inch 255/35 front. And since overall structural stiffness is twice that of the Murciélago, we expect the Aventador to be the most agile bull in the supercar arena. 

What is apparent is that with the Aventador, Lamborghini has created a true 21st-century raging bull that will no doubt push the envelope for Lamborghini and its rivals as well. And there is no doubt in our minds that good old Murciélago will be proud of the new flag-bearer of the company. Now, we really can’t wait to meet our newest sibling up close and personal!