Kolkata police impose traffic restrictions for bikers on New Year’s Eve

WITH growing accidents, especially during holidays, the Kolkata police have decided to ban two-wheelers from select flyovers in the city on the night of December 31. 

According to the Kolkata traffic police officials, bikers cannot traverse on flyovers including the Parama connector and the AJC Bose flyover after 10 pm on the last day of the year. Similar restrictions were imposed on Christmas-eve night and on December 25. The police might extend the restrictions even on New Year’s Day.

The traffic police blame reckless bikers for the four per cent rise in road deaths in 2015 in the city. Traffic policemen and chase-and-challan teams will be on the prowl looking for bikers speeding on the roads on New Year’s Eve. Special roadblocks will also be set up to keep a check on them.

A campaign to encourage bikers to wear helmets has also been launched by the Kolkata police. Policemen dressed as Santa Claus will be placing helmets on the heads of two-wheeler riders without the safety gear. Similarly, hoardings have come up in some parts of the city, showing Santa Claus armed with helmets and wishing people, especially bikers, a happy 2016.