KJ Somaiya students' racecar heads to Germany


ARION 2012, that's what this beast is called. Okay specs up first. Honda CBR 600 F4i superbike engine, rear wheel drive via a Drexler limited slip differential, lightweight tubular steel frame, 600cc, 70 bhp, a thoroughbred racer. All of this in a car that weighs 240 kg. Phew!

It's designed by the guys over at KJ Somaiya College of Engineering. And it's part of a college project. They're going to be shipping the car to Germany over the next few days to compete at Formula Student Germany, a student-level engineering design competition.



It's taken them 10 months from the drawing board to where the car stands right now, up on the stage under the spotlight. That includes a few weeks of conceptualisation, 2-3 months of design, another 2-3 months of manufacturing and an equal amount for testing and validation. We quite like the sound of the last part there, cuz with a power to weight ratio of 320 bhp per tonne, this thing will go like stink.

But it's not all about speed, as one of the team mates is ready to point out. It's a Formula Design event. The car will be judged on a number of parameters, acceleration, handling, cost and so on.

Was good to see a bunch of students come up with something like this. Here's wishing them the very best on their trip to Germany. Go do us proud!