JLR to step up component sourcing from India

In talks with local vendors to supply auto parts, which would be cheaper compared to those manufactured in the West.

A clutch of domestic auto parts manufacturing companies, which supply to Tata Motors, will see an additional flow of demand from Jaguar Land Rover as the latter two brands seek to maintain their profitability.

The purchasing office of the two brands, based in Pune, has sounded out a more aggressive push towards sourcing of parts from local vendors.

According to vendor sources, the two brands have had discussions with multiple component manufacturers and have asked them to ramp up supplies. This hints at a rise in momentum in sourcing activity, especially after the new assembly plant for Land Rover at Pune becomes operational later this year. Although senior Tata Motors officials have not divulged the details of sourcing from India alone, the overall component sourcing done from low-cost countries is 20 per cent with India commanding a lion\