Jeep UK Sales Jump by almost 200 percent

Fiat-Chrysler has registered a jump of 196 percent in the sales of its Jeep brand in UK. As compared to YTDsales in 2014, thisis a huge jump this year, in the same month.

The Jeep Renegade was the best selling model in September , followed by theGrand Cherokee."The sales figures are fantastic news, not only for new Renegade, but for the Jeep brand as a whole," said Damien Dally, head of brand Jeep UK. "It is quite clear that more people are turning to Jeep for their next car, as we bring exciting new models to the UK."Dally also announced that there was more to come from them, saying that Jeep will certainly not "stop here" in terms of their growth.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 1

  Jeep's popularity in the UK is certainly on the rise compared to last year and Fiat-Chrysler are making considerable efforts to take the brand to newer heights. With other products lined up, the future seems much more brighter for the Jeep brand, globally too.Fiat-Chrysler has announced its India launch in early 2016 and thecurrently workingto establish separate sales network in around five major cities, in the first phase.

The company is planning toinvest $280 million in the country in its manufacturing facilityfor the production of Jeep models. TheGrand Cherokee and Wrangler brands would be launched together next year and would come as CBUs (completely built units). In 2017, the company plans to launch a locally manufactured SUV too.

Source : MotorOctane