Yes, like you, we cannot help but notice its resemblance to what an Indian Matador on stilts would look like but what the heck, it looks super cool. This Jeep Mighty FC Concept was part of the many concepts Jeep showcased during their Easter Jeep Safari off-roading event. Built from 1956-65, it offered a pretty clever packaging solution offering good loading space with respectable off-roading capabilities and manoeuvrability.  The cargo bay at the back is eight feet in length so there’s generous space on offer.

Courtesy the Mopar’s new Portal Axle set, off-roading capabilities have been improved dramatically, providing great ground clearance without required excessive suspension lift. Massive 40-inch tyres on custom Hutchinson 17-inch beadlock wheels help matters as well. Using parts from the Wrangler and Rubicon, they’ve created an awesome new off-roading tribute to the original Jeep FC. Want one? We do!