Indian NCAP system coming soon

India would also have a car safety performance assessment programme very soon, similar to Euro NCAP, as the Road Transport Ministry has commenced the process of standard setting. Now, the Indian authorities organize crash tests and safety tests within the country of all the vehicles launched here.

Ford EcoSport

NCAP is vehicle safety rating system that concludes safety tests and rate vehicle's safety on a scale of five. The vehicle's safety is determined by their performance in the several crash tests conducted such as front impact, side impact, pole impact, and even pedestrians. National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP) is establishing a completely new facility for the same purpose under the badge 'Centre of Excellence' at GARC-Chennai in order to execute safety and crash tests. As known, two other facilities iCAT and ARAI are already based there.

Almost every major country has its own system of judging the safety of a vehicle and it is mandatory for every vehicle to pass the requisite test in order to go live on sale. The ministry has decided to check the structural strength, also, of the cars. As of now, the cars available in India only go through front and rear crash tests.

Source : CarDekho - Indian NCAP system coming soon