Independence Day Special: Cars that drive Indian Leaders and Officials

CarDekho Team wishes you a happy 68th Independence Day. The freedom we enjoy today does not simply come in our way; it was a result of a long struggle of freedom fighters. On this auspicious day we bring you the list of cars which serves our politicians, elected leaders and high grade officials. From the trusted Hindustan Ambassador to the expensive security packed BMW 7-series, they drive them all. Let’s dig deep and find out the most popular cars serving these government officials.

President of India

The official state car for the head of the country, the President of India, is the Black Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard. This Rs 6 crore worth Limousine is custom-built and heavily armored which can withstand military grade small arms fire, hand grenades and certain explosive. The car features a self-sealing fuel tank, independent oxygen supply system and is designed specially to resist missile attacks. It meets the requirements of the highest protection class VR6/VR7. President's motorcade is escorted by the president’s body guard and includes a Tata Safari jammer car, a black Mercedes-Benz W140 armored limousine used as a spare vehicles, 5 to 6 BMW X5, some Delhi police patrol, an ambulance and other security vehicles. With in the state capital New Delhi, the convoy includes 20 to 25 cars, but when the President moves outside the city, the convoy may get 150 to 200 cars.

Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister, the elected head of the country rides in the BMW 7 Series and to be precise BMW 760Li High Security Edition. The BMW 760Li High Security Edition is safe enough to bare assault from Kalashnikov gun (AK 47) or from M1 Carbine. For the security purpose, the convoy includes a decoy BMW 760Li High Security edition along with other 9 to 10 cars. The pilot car is mostly a Tata Safari with Jammer followed by the bomb squad vehicles and 5 to 6 BMW X5 carrying the SPG guards (Special Protection Group), responsible for the safety of PM.  Talking about the safety features, the car can withstand bomb attacks, landmines and even a rocket launcher attack. Even with the flat tires, the car can easily cover hundreds of kilometers. With advanced heat sensor, it can detect a possible landmine or an upcoming missile attack. Similar to the Merc Pullman, the fuel tank of the car does not explode when under attack and if the threat is of gas or bio attack, the car has its own oxygen tank.

Chief Justice of India

Chief Justice of India, the highest ranking Judge in Supreme Court who can also be acting President of India, provided both President and Vice President resign from the office or so.  The CJI (Chief Justice of India) is ride in the Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard, the same car that serves the President of India.

Governor of the State

The Governor of state uses an Audi A6 3.0 Quattro. This all wheel drive car not only provides safety but also the comfort to the head of the state. A Governor’s motorcade includes a fire bridge, an ambulance, patrol Gypsies and other cars.

Chief Minister of the State

Depending on the choice, Chief Minister of the State can chose his/her own car. From Toyota Fortuner to rugged Mahindra Scorpio to Hindustan Ambassador or Tata Safari, the Chief Minister of the state can choose any. While some go with foreign carmakers others sticks to the home grown manufacturers. The cavalcade of a Chief Minister too includes a dozen of vehicles for their staff and security.

Senior Bureaucrats, Police and Income Tax Officers

Senior Bureaucrats depending on the nature of work and office they held uses Tata Safari, Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra XUV 500, and Toyota Innova. Similarly an IPS officer uses either a Mahindra Bolero or the car provided by the government. The Income tax officers mostly seen using Mahindra and Tata’s SUVs.

High Court and Session Court Judges

Toyota Corolla is the most seen car among the High Court Judges, while the session and low court judges uses either a Maruti Suzuki SX4 or the Tata Indigo. MLA’s and MP’s (Ruling/Opposition)

Well the common trend that been seen around is that the MP’s and MLA’s prefer to travel in a SUV’s. The most common that been seen around is either a Toyota Fortuner or a Mahindra Scorpio, although some of them also uses Tata Safari and Mahindra Bolero.


Source : CarDekho