Incoming! All-new Mercedes-Benz GL-Class


What is it?

Mercedes’ new flagship SUV, the GL-Class

And I should care because?

It’s all the SUV you’ll ever need. The GL-Class manages to cover all the bases from a luxury SUV’s point of view. It’s as comfortable as can be, rivalling the S-Class, even, and it’s got enough off-road capabilities to back it up. This new model isn’t just a facelift, the new car is bigger than the outgoing model in just about every dimension.

It’s even got the new look that’s becoming standard across the Mercedes line-up, with the curved LED lights up front and taillights which are more in line with the rest of the new Mercs. The interior is also all-new, with high-quality digital gauges and a new COMAND infotainment system. It comes with a choice of engines, ranging from the 240 bhp 3.0-litre diesel engine to two twin-turbo V8s making 362 bhp and 429 bhp respectively in the GL450 and GL550 models.

Plus, there's Crosswind Assist, an automatic parking system for entering and exiting parking spaces complete with a 360-degree camera and Active Lane Keeping Assist.

Should I jump for joy?

You can when the AMG models are announced