Idris Elba to drive Jaguar XE to Berlin

World-renowned actor and aspiring film maker Idris Elba is set to embark on an epic 1207km road trip in the new Jaguar XE, the most fuel efficient Jaguar ever produced. Driving from London to Berlin in winter conditions, whilst documenting his journey through film, Idris will test the fuel economy credentials of Jaguars new sports saloon.
Speaking about his XE road trip, Idris Elba commented: My work takes me around the world, but I rarely have the time or luxury of getting behind the wheel for myself. I wanted to do this trip and record the experience through a series of short films. I have long been a fan of Jaguars incredible sporting heritage and have been truly impressed with how the brand has evolved over the past few years. Its a real privilege being the first person to take the new XE on a significant road trip across Europe.
jag_xe_idris_elba_image_250115 The XE is powered by a range of four-and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines offering a blend of performance, refinement and efficiency and attains a top speed of 250km/hr. From smartphone apps and Wi-Fi to premium audio systems developed with world-renowned experts Meridian the new XE offers a suite of technologies designed to keep you informed and entertained, making every journey even more of an experience.
The short documentary film will be shared in late February, with some teaser footage of trip available from the 10th February across Jaguar social media channels. The Jaguar XE should be launched in India by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

Source : MotorOctane