Hyundai unveils 296bhp RM15 concept

Hyundai has taken wraps off its mid-engine high-performance concept, the RM15 (Racing Midship 2015) at the Seoul Motor Show. The concept sports an advanced 2.0 litre T-GDI mid-mounted engine that produces 296bhp of maximum power and peak torque of 383Nm. This enables the RM15 to achieve a 0-100kmph time in 4.7seconds. For lightness and agility, the RM15 has an aluminium space-frame structure with a covering of light, stiff body panels formed in carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). Body panels are painted in the signature colours of the company’s ‘N’ (pale blue, black, red and Hyundai mid-blue) which also appear on the Hyundai WRC i20 rally car.

Based on the Veloster RM, the RM15 has a host of modifications that boost the latest model’s performance, handling and efficiency. The total weight has been dropped down to 1,260 kilograms, which is 195 kilograms down against the all-steel structured vehicle. Weight distribution is now more evenly balanced with 43 percent over the front axle and 57 percent on the rear axle. Centre of gravity is down to 491 mm from the ground level and aerodynamic down-force is 24 kg at 200 kph, aided by a competitive lift-coefficient.

“The RM15 is another bold statement of the progressive spirit of Hyundai Motor, illustrating what we can achieve when we channel our passion and enthusiasm into a product that is not limited by convention,” states Joonhong Park, Senior Vice President and Head, High Performance Vehicle Development Centre, Hyundai Motor Group. “I’m very proud to unveil the RM15 at our home motor show, where visitors have become used to seeing Hyundai Motor confidently give expression to its creative and engineering talents and energies. We intend to demonstrate our progress with high-performance technologies with other exciting prototype projects in the near future.”

Source : CarDekho