Hyundai releases 'Drive Mein Junoon' music video

Hyundai Motors on Tuesday released ‘Drive Mein Junoon,’ an innovative music video featuring musicians Arijit Singh and Clinton Cerejo and its Elite i20.

‘Drive Mein Junoon’ is a unique song composed from 118 sounds derived exclusively from the Elite i20, all of which were recorded in a single day. The sounds include the sound of wipers, pulling of the hand brake, turning the indicator on and off, seat belt warning sound, opening and shutting of door and windows, engine revving etc.

It does not feature any musical instruments but captures the essence of creation and exemplifies Hyundai’s commitment to promote various facets of music through extraordinary initiatives by New Thinking New Possibilities.

“Hyundai Motor India is a youth centric brand and under its modern premium brand direction celebrates the success of the Elite i20, a car that embodies the spirit of Indian youth,” said YK Koo, managing director and CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. “We believe that art, culture and music are common assets and together constitute universal language that influence and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds.”

According to him, cars are a collage of multifaceted forms of art and technology and creating them is similar to creating a masterpiece of music. “We are delighted to associate ourselves with India’s leading youth icons Arijit Singh and Clinton Cerejo and be a part of this exciting innovation that will instantly connect with the Indian youth,” he added.

Arijit said he had heard Clinton's works and is very fond of his music. “Dubbing the new Elite i20 song was exhilarating as it has a rock-like quality with catchy and meaningful lyrics and I was humming the tune even after the recording was over. That's the power of great music.”

Clinton, the music director, pointed out that the challenge was to derive sounds from the car and create a song without using any other instruments except car sounds and voices.

“At the same time I had to ensure the track was modern and has an instant appeal to the modern discerning Indian,” he said. “I'm really happy because when I hear the finished product I feel we achieved both objectives. When working with car sounds which are mechanical in nature, the goal was to infuse a life like quality to them and give the car a personality and make it come alive.”

The ‘Drive Mein Junoon’ music video is available on the ‘Hyundai India’ YouTube channel. The Elite i20 has raised the benchmark for premium compact vehicles in India with a combination of power and style, robust body structure and superior engine. It is a stellar example of the ‘Make in India’ success that has met and exceeded the global Watch the Video on: