Hyundai Recalls 4,70,000 Sonata Cars Over Manufacturing Fault

While Volkswagen recalled 1.5 million cars in UK over emission scandal, Hyundai too has got embroiled in technical bugs found in its cars. The company is recalling around half a million midsize cars in the U.S over a manufacturing fault found in the engine. Most prominent among the lot is Sonata Sedan which accounts for more than 90% of the total recall. Models of 2011 and 2012, fitted with 2 or 2.4-litre petrol engine are the most vulnerable.  

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As in the case of Volkswagen, the country facing the maximum problem is the US. Hyundai claims that vital parts of engine require replacement as they have a tendency to fail due to a manufacturing defect. The metal debris might not have been removed from the crankshaft during production which can block oil flow to the bearings of the connecting rod. This can result in a total engine failure and might cause a crash.

The engines will be inspected for defects and if required, the engine assemblies will be fully replaced. Also, the company will increase the engine warranty period to 10 years or 1,20,000 miles. Recalls will start once the parts are available with the company.

This major recall comes at the time when Volkswagen and Honda too are facing technical problems. While Volkswagen got involved in a massive emission scandal starting from the US and spreading all over the world, Honda had to recall its cars over faulty airbag inflators in India. With major brands being able to launch their cars with such high magnitude of defects, the authenticity and functioning of regulatory bodies of automobile industry all over the world come into question.

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