Hyundai inaugurates digital automotive experience outlet in Delhi

Hyundai India inaugurated the first digital automotive experience outlet in Delhi on Thursday. The Unity Hyundai outlet will provide an all-digital experience to shoppers.

"Hyundai has the customers truly at its heart. "This outlet expresses Hyundai's modern premium brand identity," remarked Y.K. Koo, managing director, Hyundai Motors India Ltd. "Unity Hyundai is India's first Interactive, Creative and Understanding space which boosts the Hyundai brand value by creating an emotional connect with the existing and future customers."

According to him, the main features at the outlet are Evolution, Innovation and Experience. "This exciting new digital outlet from Hyundai exemplifies these themes to create a unique experience."

Visitors can test drive vehicles, research for features, exchange their old vehicles and find out about the financial packages that are on offer for various models. The outlet has digital screens that visitors can access to find out more details about the vehicles that they are looking for.

The personnel at the outlet are also well trained and knowledgeable about various aspects of cars.