Hymn for 2013


2012 has passed, a new year’s here

Dear Lord, is it something to fear?


Cars and bikes, they’re just not selling

Depressed sentiment, it’s really telling.


Fuel prices have shot up like a rocket

It’s not easy on anyone’s pocket,


Interest rates, they have taken a hike

Bad situation, what’s there to like?


Deadly roads, many are dying

Look at the statistics, I’m not lying.


Road rage, well, that’s the rage

Look, I’d rather die of old age.


All the honking is so unbearable,

No noise in India is so terrible.


Grid-lock and jams, horrible traffic

Hold on, I think I’m gonna be sick.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It’s a new year already, twenty-thirteen

Dear Lord, where have you been?


Bring some joy, bring some cheer,

And some nice cars and bikes, be a dear.


Drill some sense into the Middle East

Reduce petrol prices, at the very least.


Fiddle around with the RBI and the banks

Bring down interest rates; many, many thanks.


Get people to drive safely on our roads

Let them not think ‘whose-father-what-goes’*


Make Hathleva Himgold Cooling Hair Oil free

It makes hot heads cool, you see.


Pass an electric shock every time people horn

Make them wish they’d never been born!


Let more metros, BRTS, monorails magically appear

Get commuters off roads, make them disappear.


And get me a Ferrari, Porsche or a Lambo

Admit it, that’s the least you can do.


*To be translated in Hindi