Honda Stunner vs Yamaha Gladiator - 125 not out


These are two of the best 125s in the Indian market today. The Stunner comes with a half fairing which gives it more of a big bike feel than even some of the 150s, while the Gladiator makes do with a bikini number. Both bikes feature alloy wheels and feature excellent colour schemes, though the Gladiator in its evocative RS livery is a wee bit more appealing. Maybe, a Repsol variant for the Stunner would even things out? Anyway, both bikes are light and their engines are eager enough to make short work of the endless traffic jams that you encounter on your way to college or work. The Gladiator's engine/gearbox combination though is way more refined than the Stunner's; for once a Honda is beaten in this regard! The Stunner is a great handling bike over all sorts of roads and you cannot help but wish that it had the Unicorn's 150 cc engine. The Gladiator is also a great handler and it has got better ride quality than the Stunner to boot. And the fact that the Yammie is more frugal and cheaper to buy than the Stunner tilts the balance in the Gladiator's favour.