Honda slashes prices of the City!


INTERESTING! Honda Siel Cars India have reduced the prices of the City, effective June 14, 2011, citing cost savings due to localisation and overall efficiencies achieved.

Honda's new pricing comes at a time when it's under fire from competitors and it grapples with its own production issues. The entry of the Volkswagen Vento and new Hyundai Verna have shrank the once market leader's marketshare, but importantly the lack of a diesel offering at a time when the market is being forced to shift towards it is not helping Honda's opportunities.

The price correction should hopefully help Honda shore up its volumes as it prepares itself for the long haul. The Brio hatchback is expected later this year and so is a facelifted version of the Honda City to help regain marketshare.

The new prices of the Honda City are as under:

Price Change : Summary  W.E.F : 14 June 2011 Type Ex-Showroom (Delhi) Current New Diff City EMT 8,15,000 7,49,000 (-) 66,000 SMT 8,64,600 8,19,600 (-) 45,000 VMT 9,09,800 8,64,800 (-) 45,000 VMT Exclusive 9,60,900 9,16,900 (-) 44,000 VAT 9,82,000 9,37,000 (-) 45,000 VAT Exclusive 10,33,100 9,89,100 (-) 44,000