Honda launches CNG ready City


The main disadvantage of the Honda City is that it comes in only petrol engined options. Sure, it's a very peppy engine, but when it comes to fuel economy, the diesel mills in the competition reign supreme. Of course, there's respite in the form of LPG and CNG fuel, but there's always the question of the manufacturer's warranty being voided due to their installation.

Well, Honda's now officially bringing in a CNG ready City straight from the factory. This variant will be ready for fitment of a CNG kit from a Honda recommended installer, so there won't be any issues with the warranty later on if something were to go wrong.

In this new variant, the engine and the suspension have been modified to accomodate the extra weight of the kit and the characteristics of the fuel. The Rs 9.03 Lakh price tag is for the CNG ready model only, with the actual CNG kit costing Rs 50,200 more and installation is extra on top of that.

Apart from that, there's also new variants of the City, called the AVN variants, which will come with extra features like a touch-screen info-tainment system with a built-in GPS, bluetooth capabilities and leather upholstery.

The prices for the City are as follows:


Variant                                 Price

Corporate                                       Rs 7,26,000

E MT                                                 Rs 7,88,000

S MT                                                 Rs 8,41,000

S AT                                                  Rs 9,15,000

V MT                                                 Rs 8,94,000

V AT                                                  Rs 9,68,000

V MT (CNG Ready)** (new)         Rs 9,03,800

V MT (AVN) (new)                           Rs 9,72,000

V AT (AVN) (new)                            Rs 10,46,000

V MT(Sunroof)                                Rs 9,78,000

V AT (Sunroof)                                Rs 10,52,000

**CNG Kit: Rs 50,000

Installation extra

All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi